Our client relies on Ajax to provide just-in-time inventory to its offshore manufacturing facility, without resorting to expensive air shipments or jeopardizing a complex supply chain. In addition to providing cost-effective inventory management, we devised a three-hit punch press operation to replace the drawn over mandrel (DOM) tubing the client previously used. The redesign saved more than $1.00 per part.

Product DescriptionElectric Motor Solenoid Casing
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesProgressive stampingcustom packaging
Tightest Tolerance.005 inch (Hole Diameter)
Material Thickness10 GA (.134")
Material UsedHRPO Steel
Material FinishZinc and yellow plating
Industry for UseRefrigeration
Volume75K annually
Lead TimeKanban
Delivery LocationkOffshore/Caribbean
Standards MetCustomer supplied print and solid model
Product NameSolenoid Shell
Project ScopeRe-engineered from DOM to progressive stamping. Custom cell packaging.