Metal Stamping Excellence.

Ajax provides a full range of metal stamping capabilities.  From tooling to logistics and everything in between, Ajax delivers metal stamping excellence.

Ajax produces tight-tolerance stamped metal parts for OEMs and their suppliers in the climate control, transportation, architecture, power generation, medical, engineered products, and consumer goods industries. 

 If you’re an OEM or OEM supplier, let’s start a conversation. We’re good listeners. Help us understand what you’re looking for, and we’ll craft a spot-on solution.

Stamping metal parts

Servo Stamping Presses

The Servo Pro presses at Ajax deliver many important new benefits, including:

More speed – servo presses can be programmed for very high-velocity operation without compromising results. A single servo press can perform work that formerly required multiple machines, eliminating time-consuming pauses in the produc­tion cycle while work is transferred from one process to the next. The result is more parts in less time.

Lower cost –minimized die wear and longer tool life offered by servo presses virtually eliminate expensive re-tooling. This enables long, highly-efficient production runs with fewer steps and re­duced scrap. Servo presses also help eliminate undesirable outcomes that increase costs, such as reverse tonnage, snap-through, part-edge rollover, and springback.

Higher quality – servo presses are ideal for forming advanced metals that have superior strength-to-weight ratios, such as high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel. HSLA steel is sought-after by companies who want to produce the lighter, stronger products that consumers demand, but HSLA steel has been difficult to form using tra­ditional flywheel-driven presses. Servo presses handle HSLA steel beautifully and are also very precise; accuracy can be measured down to the micron.

Here’s more about servo stamping presses.

Servo stamping press workcell at Ajax Metal Forming

Servo presses at Ajax operating as a workcell.

Progressive Stamping

Progressive stamping involves the creation of an automated metal forming production line that replaces the manual process of carting partially-completed parts from one production bay to the next. Ajax recommends progressive stamping when:

  • High quantities of the same metal part will be needed over a long period of time (a “long-run”), resulting in a lower cost per part
  • The cost of more elaborate tooling can be justified
  • Multiple cutting and forming operations (“hits”) are required to produce the part efficiently
  • Many parts are needed within a short timeframe, forcing quick set-up
  • The part must conform to very tight tolerances with few NC (non-conforming) parts
  • Higher press tonnage is required to produce the part

Ajax has a long history of engineering stamping solutions that speed up production, minimize non-conforming parts, and keep costs as low as possible.  The video below shows a progressive stamping press in operation.  Pay particular attention to the hardware insertion arm and feeder bowl. Visit our Progressive Stamping Page for more.

Deep Drawn Metal Stamping for Use As An Architectural Enclosure

This deep drawn metal stamping that is perfectly formed.  Note the absence of deformed area, the uniform shape, and the perfectly rounded corners with no wrinkles.

Deep Drawn Stamping

Deep drawn metal stamping can provide several advantages, primarily speed, cost-efficiency, and part quality, as measured by very low instances of non-conformance. Ajax presses can operate at a high production rate, which contributes to a lower per-unit cost. High production rates also reduce the likelihood of late deliveries to customers. And since drawn parts are produced as single, seamless pieces, they can be ideal for airtight or watertight applications.

Deep draw stamping can also pose engineering and design challenges.  When metal is drawn over a die, it “stretches” in certain areas, causing a possible variance in thickness in the workpiece. If the production process is designed improperly, if the wrong material is used, or if the machine operator makes a mistake, the metal can actually deform or tear during the drawing process, resulting in unnecessary material waste, lost production time, and cost overruns.

That’s where the years of experience, production design know-how, and materials expertise come into play at Ajax.  We’ve produced literally millions of drawn parts over our 75-plus years.  Ajax sales engineers can design a production solution for your drawn part that will give you the excellent results you expect.

Punch Presses

The LVD Strippit CNC turret punch presses at Ajax have been producing high-quality parts for industrial OEMs for decades.  Our sales engineers and tooling experts have designed one-hit extrusion processes that save time and money with very high rates of quality compliance.

Here is a video showing our punch press in operation.


An Ajax colleague operating an LVD Strippit CNC turret punch press.

In-house Tool and Die Services

Ajax stamping tool with strip

By providing complete in-house tool and die services, Ajax gives our customers greater production efficiency, faster delivery, and the best possible quality control.  Plus, third-party tooling costs can be avoided.

Ajax uses only the latest CAD/CAM technology for die design and tool building.  We provide solutions that range from fully progressive, high volume to low-cost, short-run jobs.

We maintain tools on the spot to avoid production interruptions. And we require very thorough training and qualification programs among all our tooling experts.