The 14' AutoForm+ Press Brake At Ajax

A sizable metal forming powerhouse.

The 14′ AutoForm+ Press Brake At Ajax gives you the best of everything.

Nearly 80 years of metal forming experience combined with state-of-the-art technology bring you an exciting new world of metal forming possibilities.

Partner with Ajax Metal Forming and AutoForm+ and you’ll get the best of everything: 14-foot capacity, precision, speed, versatility, consistency, and efficiency.

Cincinnati AutoForm+ press brake at Ajax

With more new features, more operator control, more safety protocols, and more productivity, the 14′ AutoForm+ makes this metal forming opportunity the next BIG thing.  For instance:

  • Control: A 3D touchscreen interface helps operators to improve setup time, maximize run speed, and make sure parts are perfect every time.
  • Precision: An advanced leveling system applies a .00002-inch resolution glass scale encoder mounted on each side housing to provide a perfectly level platform for your part production. The ram repeats to an amazing +- .0004 inches. This is the system to choose if you want perfect parts time after time.
  • Speed: Fast setup, fast programming, and fast cycle speeds combine to ensure that your project gets up and running faster, then continues to completion without interruption.
  • Versatility: Sheet metal or plate metal, complex or simple parts, the AutoForm+ is the most customizable press brake on the market. You’ll have more material options than ever.
  • Consistency: Dynamic Thickness Compensation allows the brake to automatically measure the thickness of the material as it is bending then make on-the-fly adjustments that keep every bend perfectly on spec.
  • Efficiency: With the AutoForm+ 3D touchscreen interface, operators are guided through each step, from setup through bend sequence. Advanced safety measures keep operators on the job. These and other benefits translate into efficient operation and the lowest possible cost to your business.

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