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Don Wellman
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Your Customer Service Team | Ajax Vice President Don Wellman

With more than two decades of experience in all facets of metal forming and advanced manufacturing, Don can offer creative production ideas that maximize efficiency and improve quality.

Beginning as a punch press operator in 1998, Don quickly achieved journeyworker status in 2001 and gained mastery over all types of metal forming machinery and production processes.  Don graduated from Hennepin Technical College and later taught metal forming basics at Hennepin Tech.

Don’s range of expertise also includes estimating and materials procurement, with qualifications that include a Certified Purchasing Manager accreditation from the Institute of Supply Management.  From the metal ABCs (aluminum, brass, copper) to the newest high-strength low-alloy steels, Don can recommend the best material for virtually any metal part.

If your need is progressive stamping, fiber laser cutting, fabrication, servo forming or tooling, Don can be your trusted advisor for complex, difficult, or time-sensitive metal part manufacturing projects.

Don is currently board chair for the Twin Cities Precision Metalforming Association and a partner at Ajax. He enjoys boating and water skiing with family and friends.

Jayson Marcott
Sales Engineer

Ajax Sales Engineering Team Member Jayson Marcott

Jayson is one of the very few metal forming sales engineers who can offer a wealth of actual, hands-on experience in all phases of metal fabrication and stamping. 

He joined Ajax in 2010, starting out on the plant floor. Over time, he built proficiency on punch presses, turret presses, fiber lasers, press brakes, and many other types of metal forming machinery available at Ajax.

Jayson enjoys working directly with OEM part designers, production engineers, and purchasing managers to solve complicated metal forming challenges in a fast-paced, quality-driven environment at Ajax.

Today, Jayson specializes in progressive tooling design, production automation, design for manufacture, part assembly, finishing, and quality assurance.  Jayson is also a very experienced user of LogoPress 3D die design software, Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS, and RADAN CAD-CAM applications.

With his broad and extensive background, Jayson can move metal forming projects large and small from initial contact to completion with great results.

Jayson enjoys playing golf, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and spending time with family.