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Skills Gap, Meet Industrial Robot.

You two should get along fine.

Time was, only the largest manufacturers, mainly automakers, could justify the price of industrial robots. But recent technology developments have flipped that script. Today’s robots are smarter, faster, more versatile, and less expensive.

From the perspective of the smaller manufacturer, investing in industrial robots now makes financial sense, and it shows in the sales numbers. In 2021 alone, nearly 400,000 new industrial robots were installed in plants worldwide, adding to the 3+ million currently in operation. By 2024, new robot installations are expected to exceed 500,000 units annually. Much of that growth will come from industries other than automotive, such as metal forming.

Get the full story in our Summer 2022 Newsletter.

ejajax newsletter winter spring 2016 pdf

2022 Ajax Summer Newsletter

This issue of the Ajax Innovator grants insight into the future of industrial robots at Ajax. Plus, you’ll get a look in the rear view mirror and an awesome leadership message from Ajax President Kent Djubek.

ajax metal forming news pdf

2020 Ajax Fall Newsletter

Download the most recent issue of the Ajax Innovator and findout what’s new at Ajax Metal Forming. This special issue contains a great article about takeover dies, a relevant case study, and a message from Ajax President Kent Djubek. 

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2017 Ajax Fall Newsletter

Inside you’ll find out how Ajax develops our people to fill challenging positions within the company.  Read Ajax President Kent Djubek’s message “From The Crow’s Nest”.

ejajax newsletter winter spring 2016 pdf

2021 Ajax Fall Newsletter

This issue provides insight and pictures from our newest location in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. It’s all about proximity and logistics these days: read up and find out why.  Don’t miss Ajax President Ken Djubek’s message about leadership.

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2018 Ajax Newsletter

This newsletter covers the new partnership between Ajax and Heartland Equity Partners.  Plus more on Ajax workcells and Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs).

ejajax newsletter issue1 2017 web version2 pdf

2017 Ajax Spring Newsletter

This issue provides an interesting look at how Jayson Marcott, Tool Designer at Ajax Metal Forming, designed a tight-tolerance machine tool that produces a four-nut backing plate for a refrigeration unit hinge. 

ejajax newsletter winter spring 2016 pdf

2016 Ajax Winter/Spring Newsletter

This issue looks at the latest measurement technology and methods at Ajax.  Plus, an inside view of how Ajax produces parts for concrete forming company D.A. Distribution. Read an interesting message from Erick Ajax.

Ajax Newsletters help you stay informed about all our new investments, like this LVD Strippit Turret at Ajax Metal Forming

Ajax Newsletters help you stay informed about all our new investments, like this LVD Strippit Turret at our newest location in Wilson, North Carolina.