Precision Metal Stamping – Radius Track

Radius Track develops framing systems for complex building designs with stringent requirements. Applications include roofs, facades, walls, ceilings, domes, and any other type of curved surface.  These framing solutions help address skilled labor shortage issues and bring material savings with simpler installation via pre-curved framing systems that often allow displacement of structural steel.  Radius Track selected Ajax to assist with their product production needs.

This project called for precision metal stamping. By applying Lean Principles to Radius Track’s precision stamping challenge, Ajax reduced production time from a month to a single day. Orders placed by 11:00 a.m. are manufactured, packaged, and shipped by 5:00 p.m. While the quantity of production for the progressive die stamping has grown to meet the customer’s increasing market share, quality has remained at 99.9%.

Radius Track Says:

“Ajax starts to manufacture product when they get the order. All non-value-added lead time and inventory have been completely eliminated,” said the president of Radius Track. “It has helped us to manage business issues like capacity, storage, and human resources. Our cash flow is not tied up storing finished goods. That’s a huge business advantage.”

Stamping Project Specifications:

  • Product Name: Curved Large Component Architectural Framing
  • Project Scope: Redesign Process Flow to Reduce Production Time; Labor and Inventory
  • Product Description: Precision Progressive Die Architectural Component
  • Tooling Design: Prototyping; Progressive Stamping; Custom Packaging
  • Tightest Tolerance: .005-inch Hole Diameter
  • Material Thickness: 20 GA (.036 inch)
  • Material Used: G60 Galvanized
  • Material Finish: Unfinished
  • Industry for Use: Architectural Construction
  • Volume: 30K annually
  • Lead Time: Same Day
  • Delivery Location: USA (multiple destinations)
  • Standards Met: LEED

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