CNC Turret Punch Press

Advanced metal forming machinery and a skilled workforce translate into customer satisfaction.

CNC Turret punch press technology has come a long way.  Ajax is staying at the forefront.

Today’s OEMs and their suppliers demand the entire package: on-time delivery, superb compliance, and the lowest possible cost.  With generations of experience working with punch presses of all types, Ajax can deliver.

At Ajax, we serve OEMs and OEM suppliers that produce some of the most technically advanced HVACR products in existence. We offer modern CNC turret punch press machinery with high hit rates, large turret capacity, large feed clearance, flexibility, and versatility.

That gives our customers:

  • Speed: our multiple turret punch presses can crank out parts at an amazing rate to help meet strict deadlines.
  • Quality: our quality lab uses the latest measurement tools to maintain top quality and take non-compliance out of the picture.
  • Cost Efficiency: Using the right material, the right tooling, innovative processes, and a highly-trained workforce, Ajax can find new ways to cost-out virtually any metal forming project.

These and other benefits translate into maximum customer satisfaction. Contact our sales engineering team today and let’s get your next turret punch press project planned, priced, and produced.

CNC Turret punch press tube sheet quality measurement with FARO arm
LVD Strippit Tube Sheet Quality Measurement
LVD Strippit Tube Sheet Examination
LVD Strippit Tube Sheet Tool and Die
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