This bracket is so tiny, we use a vacuum system to remove it from the progressive die. It’s made from beryllium copper that is heat-treated and tin-plated. The part has to provide enough spring to ground a circuit to the enclosure.The customer tried outsourcing, but the Chinese manufacturer couldn’t produce the part to print.

Ajax produced the part to spec, and we use a Minnesota-based source for heat treating and plating. The result: The customer gets the desired quality and saves operating expense due to a streamlined supply chain.

Product DescriptionGrounding bracket for circuit board
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesProgressive stamping
Tightest Tolerance.004 inch +/-
Material Thickness.010 inch
Material UsedC17200 BeCu
Material FinishHeat-treated; tin-plated
Industry for UseElectronics
Volume23K annually
Delivery TimeKanban
Delivery LocationU.S.
Standards MetCustomer supplied print and 3D model
Product NameGrounding bracket
Project ScopeMaterial selection; strategic sourcing