When a HVAC process calls for a temperature cross, for example a hot fluid outlet temperature that is below cold fluid outlet temperature, hairpin heat exchangers with copper or aluminum hairpin tubes are often the HVAC system designer’s choice.  In-house tooling at EJ Ajax, coupled with the company’s advanced manufacturing, provides HVAC manufacturers with a distinct value advantage, said Don Wellman, director of sales at EJ Ajax.

“Our extrusions create more surface area in contact with the hairpin tube,” Don said. “That provides a better hydraulic or mechanical expansion process. This is huge for HVAC manufacturers who are looking to add years of life to their products. Not every company can produce at that level.”

Custom In-house Tooling

EJ Ajax works with customers to design and build custom tooling to fit their needs. Superior custom tooling creates an extruded hole that puts more surface area in contact with our customer’s hairpin tube. That insures a more consistent hydraulic or mechanical expansion process.

competitor extrusion

This competitor extrusion will provide only moderate hairpin tube contact. The result is shorter equipment life.

Other EJ Ajax advantages include:

  • Both soft tool and hard tool creation in-house.
  • The latest servo press technology from industry leader AIDA.
  • State-of-the-art material selection and inventory system.
  • Increased capacity following two production footprint expansions in 2014