EJ Ajax is new to AHR Expo. We’re not new to HVAC.  

EJ Ajax of Minneapolis, Minnesota is for the first time exhibiting HVAC-related metalforming products, services, and ideas at the 2015 AHR Expo, January 26, 27 and 28 in Chicago. The EJ Ajax booth number is 7441.


A flawless heat exchanger end support from EJ Ajax of Minneapolis, MN. Visit our video page to view EJ Ajax header plate production in action.

A fast-growing, third-generation company, EJ Ajax has been producing top-quality HVAC header plates, pressure-vessel heads, and other metalformed components for HVAC equipment manufacturers for more than 30 years. The company made significant capital investments throughout 2014 that expanded its range of metalformed solutions and increased production capacity.

“We believe our products and services are a perfect fit for both commercial and residential HVAC manufacturers,” said EJ Ajax Director of Sales Don Wellman. “We now have the world-class production equipment, the highly-trained people, and depth of experience needed to excel in HVAC.”

In-house Tooling Provides a Clear Advantage.

Superior custom tooling creates an extruded hole with more surface area in contact with the hairpin tube to insure consistent hydraulic or mechanical expansion.

Mr. Wellman said in-house tooling at EJ Ajax gives the company a value advantage. “Our extrusions create more surface area in contact with the copper or aluminum hairpin tube,” he said. “That provides a better hydraulic or mechanical expansion process. This is huge for HVAC manufacturers who must add years of live to their products. Not every company can produce at that level.”

  • Other EJ Ajax advantages include:
  • Both soft tool and hard tool creation in-house.
  • The latest servo press technology from industry leader AIDA.
  • State-of-the-art material selection and inventory system.
  • Increased capacity following two production footprint expansions in 2014.

More Growth in 2015

EJ Ajax will continue to make capital investments and to deploy a variety of other growth strategies in 2015. Investments include:

  • A new, fully-programmable, 30-ton LVD Strippit V-Series turret punch press scheduled for delivery in February, 2015, that is IDEAL for HVAC applications.
  • Expanding on the company’s 16-year investment in workforce development.

Contact Information

If you are attending AHR Expo 2015 in Chicago, and would like to learn more about the capabilities and experience at EJ Ajax, please stop by booth 7441.  Or, contact Don Wellman at 763.277.7760 or Dan McGee at 763.277.7788 or visit ejajax.com. Visit vimeopro.com/ejajax/videos to view the company’s latest videos.

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