High-Volume, Large HVACR Sheet Metal Fabrication Project

When a long-standing Ajax HVACR customer modified a large component to improve their product performance, they came to Ajax for help with sheet metal fabrication. A critical link in a very long supply chain for an expensive and complex product, the 43-inch precision part includes five compound bends.  

Sheet Metal Fabrication Project Specifications:

  • Product Name: HVACR Header Plate
  • Project Scope: Manufacture 43-inch long part that includes five compound bends
  • Product Description: Mass volume header plate for commercial/industrial heating/cooling unit
  • Capabilities and Processes: Turret Press Blanking; Compound Forming; Prototyping; PPAP; SVPP; Custom Kit Packaging
  • Tightest Tolerance: .003 inch hole diameter; one degree of forming
  • Material Thickness .080
  • Material Used: 5052 H32 Aluminum
  • Volume: 20,000 parts annually
  • Lead Time: KANBAN
  • Delivery Location: Offshore
  • Standards Met: RoHS; REACH


Sheet metal fabrication | HVACR Product

A 43-inch precision HVACR part that includes five compound bends.

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