Fiber Optic Laser Cut Circular Shim

Fiber Optic Laser Cut Circular Shim

A customer problem: the design for a stainless steel control panel ended up making some of the holes too large.  By the time the problem was discovered, the stainless steel skin had been cut, polished, partially assembled, and screen-printed. What’s more, the customer was almost out of time.

Using our Salvagnini fiber-optic laser, Ajax was able to program a shim, get the material on the machine, and cut the part within 30 minutes. The project was delivered on time, and the rework expense didn’t cut into the customer’s profits. In less than an hour and for under $100, we saved our customer more than $35,000.

  • Product Name, Shim
  • Project Scope, Program and cut shims as quickly as possible
  • Design Work, CAD and programming at Ajax
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes, Fiber optic laser cutting
  • Tightest Tolerance, Outside diameter 1.373; inside diameter 1.300
  • Material Thickness,. 060 GA
  • Material Used, 16 ga 304 #4 stainless steel
  • Material Finish, 4 polished
  • Industry for Use, Architectural control panel
  • Volume, 20
  • Lead Time, 1 hour
  • Delivery Location, U.S.
  • Standards Met, 200 hr salt spray testing

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