A New Dimension In Part Quality Assurance

Why Ajax Customers Can Expect On-Spec Parts

Ajax blends traditional QA methods with new measurement technologies that customers have come to appreciate.

Part Quality Assurance | Extrusion cutaway
Forming extrusions at a high level requires a serious commitment to quality and total, in-house control over tooling and machinery.

Part Quality Assurance

These days, the “quality” marketing message is so common and ubiquitous that not many people pay attention to the words anymore.  Sure, all metal forming companies claim a superior quality record. But that message won’t stick to the ear of a savvy customer unless backed by credible facts that justify the boast.

An experienced parts buyer knows to go straight to the top for answers. That means top management must demonstrate that they fully understand the part quality challenge and be all-in, all the time.  Management must live it, breathe it, and make it real through any means available.

Those means include:

  1. Charting the success/fail rate on an ongoing basis, and being open about the numbers when asked by a prospective customer.
  2. Promoting highly-qualified people to part quality tech positions, and placing a very solid pro in charge.
  3. A documented history of over-delivering on customer quality expectations.
  4. Accreditation, such as becoming and ISO Registered company.
Take advantage of the part quality assurance capabilities at Ajax.

Technology Investment

FARO offers an impressive measurement technology Ajax customers have come to appreciate. The FaroArm Edge from FARO Technologies, a leading manufacturer of 3D imaging and measurement solutions.

This computer-controlled coordinate measuring device enables the Ajax quality team to quickly and accurately perform 3D metal part inspections, tool certifications, part comparisons, dimensional analysis, even reverse engineering.

With its laser scanning head and special probe, touchscreen computer, and smart technology, this arm can efficiently scan metal-formed parts with ultra-high precision. When operated by a fully-trained and experienced quality engineer, this state-of-the-art measurement device speeds the production process, reduces the likelihood of error, and gives Ajax customers even greater assurance that the parts we deliver will be perfectly on spec, every single time.

Below is a video of this device in action:

As you can see, the Ajax quality engineer uses the laser probe at the end of the arm to click on each measurement point on the part. The arm’s computer uses special encoders to compute the exact position of the probe within 3-dimensional space. The data from each probe click is then recorded by the arm’s software, and the results are saved to a database and are viewable on the overhead computer display.

Once the scan is complete, the Ajax production team can then analyze the results using a 3D overlay of the scan on the original part file. Any unacceptable variances can be quickly identified, and any necessary corrections to tooling or processes can then be made with confidence. As always, it’s the know-how of the production team that makes this new technology so effective for Ajax customers.

Ajax customers rely on our team to make sure the metal-formed parts we deliver are perfectly on spec, every single time without exception. With the addition of this new measurement technology, and with the training and experience the Ajax workforce is known for, we’ll take our customer experience to the next level.