Sheet Metal Fabrication In North Carolina 

Ajax Metal Forming Solutions now provides sheet metal fabrication in North Carolina.  The new facility will be the company’s second location and will serve new and existing customers along the Atlantic Coast.

“We did our homework, and the Raleigh/Durham area checks all the boxes,” said Ajax Vice President of Sales Don Wellman. “It’s obvious that the people of the Carolinas take great pride in their work ethic.”

Capabilities at the new plant will include fiber optic laser cutting, computer numeric control (CNC) turret press punching, press brake forming, and Kanban supply chain solutions. Future additions include robotic welding and component assembly.

Sales engineering and marketing operations will continue to be headquartered at the Minneapolis location.

“Proximity plays a huge role in overall customer satisfaction,” Don said. “This new manufacturing site puts us within a day’s reach of our Eastern U.S. customers. We’ll be able to offer many more logistics options.”  The new Ajax plant is located at 2303 Industrial Park Drive in Wilson, North Carolina. The plant covers approximately 25,000 square feet and will employ approximately 20 people during the startup phase.

Kent Djubek, Ajax President, said the company has grown quickly over the past five years due to its culture of quality and exceptional customer service. “Customers want shorter lead times, pristine product quality, and high ethical standards,” he said. “Those have been the keys to our growth. We’ll apply those same business values here in Raleigh.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

There are three main types of sheet metal fabrication capabilities at this new Ajax plant:

  • Press Brake Forming
  • Fiber Optic Laser Cutting
  • Punching

Press Brake Forming

Forming includes processes like bending metal blanks using machinery such as a press brake.

View Press Brake Forming Video

Fiber Optic Laser Cutting

Fiber optic laser cutting is by far the newest and most popular method of cutting sheet metal into a shape. Lasers use focused light beams to cut through or engrave material. The video below shows you how fiber lasers at Ajax cut through aluminum sheet metal.

View Laser Cutting Video


The ability to form perfect extrusions using a CNC turret punch press is an Ajax specialty, and we’re extending that exciting capability to our new plant. How important are perfectly-formed extrusions? Just ask any coil manufacturer. They’ll tell you that perfect extrusions can prevent coil assembly problems and speed-up production.

The results? Extended product life. More satisfied end users. Far fewer warranty calls. A distinct competitive advantage.

The superior profile and pristine quality of Ajax extrusions make our tube sheets and fin plates the best in the business.

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