Appliance Door Hinge

Our client is saving more than $250,000 a year since Ajax took over the manufacture of this bottom hinge almost 20 years ago. Our continuous improvements in materials selection, tooling, and production automation have eliminated heat treating, deburring, and manual pin insertion. We achieved fully automated assembly with 0 PPM field failure.

Appliance Door Hinge Specifications

Product Name: Appliance door bottom hinge
Project Scope: Reduce material gauge and increase strength for piece part cost reduction.
Design Work: Material selection: Tooling re-design
Product Description: Mass volume appliance hinge with progressive die stamping
Capabilities Applied/Processes: Design; prototyping; pin insertion done in progressive stamping die
Tightest Tolerance: .003 (Hole diameter)
Material Thickness: 10 GA (.135″)
Material Used: Grade 50 HSLA/HRPO
Material Finish: Zinc and clear (RoHS compliant)
Industry for Use: Appliance
Volume: 800,000 annually
Lead Time: 1-3 days
Delivery Location: Midwest U.S.
Standards: Met,RoHS

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