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Ajax Metal Forming Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 custom manufacturer producing tight-tolerance metal parts for OEMs and their suppliers in the climate control, transportation, architecture, auxiliary power, medical, engineered products, and consumer goods industries. Our capabilities include progressive stamping, servoforming, fiber laser cutting, press brake forming, CNC turret punching, tooling, robotic welding, part assembly, finishing, logistics, and more.

Career Opportunity | Operating a Cincinnati AutoForm+ press brake at Ajax

Career Opportunity: Tool and Die Maker

Machine tooling is an important component of the metal forming process.  You’ll be doing basic mechanical assembly, basic machining tasks including milling and turning, introductory-level stamp tooling diagnostics, and tooling triage.

Ajax provides on-the-job training as well as credentialed institutional certifications and degrees available with the intent to grow into a Class A journeyworker.

Career Opportunity: Fiber Optic Laser Operator

Fiber lasers are a relatively new entrant into the sheet metal fabrication process. Fiber lasers use a highly-focused beam of light to cut metal with a thickness of up to 3/4″ and sometimes even more.

Fiber laser is an innovative technology that replaces old-fashioned blade-based cutting machinery and yields the benefits of speed, accuracy, detail, safety, and efficiency.  Fiber laser operators are in high demand and can command excellent wages and benefits.

The successful fiber laser operator at Ajax must be able to read and understand project specifications, use the computer interface, load materials, and, most importantly, ensure both safety and product quality.

Career Opportunity: Punch Press Operator

Punch press operators play a key role in the metal fabrication process.  Here at Ajax, we maintain very modern computer numeric control (CNC) turret punch presses that use custom tooling to produce tight-tolerance extrusions and other perforations from sheets of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and many other metals.  Our punch press capabilities are uniquely innovative and represent an outstanding career opportunity for both existing and aspiring metal forming professionals.

The successful punch press operator at Ajax must be able to read prints, setup appropriate machine tooling, load materials, and, most importantly, monitor product quality.

Career Opportunity: Press Brake Operator

Press brakes are essential in the sheet metal fabrication process. Press brakes are powerful machines that use tremendous force to bend flat metal into desired shapes. A good press brake operator must possess the ability to follow machine operating instructions, read and interpret printed specification sheets, and install and adjust machine tools.

The operator is also responsible for inspecting finished work pieces to ensure compliance with quality standards and part specifications, and for maintaining a safe and organized work area. Basic computer and math skills are required.

Career Opportunity: Robotic Welding Operator

Industrial robotics represents an exciting new career path in advanced manufacturing. While industrial robots have been used in automotive plants since the 60s, the newest models have made inroads at companies like Ajax that provide on-site training for colleagues who want to learn robot programming and operation.

Good safety habits, organizational skills, and quick learning capabilities are needed for this position.

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Other Ajax functions include logistics, manual welding, servo press operation, toolmaking, materials handling, and facility maintenance.  If you’ve never considered a career in advanced manufacturing, now is one of the best times ever to make a new start. Wages are up, benefits are competitive, and Ajax in particular will value your efforts and respect you as a person. You are invited to visit our Careers site to learn more about these and other metal forming opportunities.

Why Metal Forming?

Metal forming is a $137-billion advanced manufacturing industry that creates precision metal products using stamping, fabricating, laser cutting, welding, and other value-added manufacturing processes.  Metal forming offers loads of opportunity for those who want to advance their manufacturing careers, earn more pay, and achieve a higher level of satisfaction from their work.

For those just getting started in their careers, Ajax provides metal forming and manufacturing training and education opportunities in a safe, diverse environment.  Employees who qualify can earn advanced degrees by taking Ajax-sponsored manufacturing courses at area technical colleges without spending a dime of their own money.

Ajax now offers metal forming career opportunities at both our Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Wilson, North Carolina locations.

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We always need solid, reliable people who possess or can learn today’s advanced manufacturing skills. Your new career opportunity at Ajax is just a few clicks away!  Visit our careers site to learn more.

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