High Volume Appliance Part Progressive Stamping

With the price of stainless steel fluctuating almost daily, alternative materials can make the difference between profit and loss in mass volume precision appliance part progressive stamping. But can you really replace 304 stainless steel in an appliance part designed to last through 500,000 cycles in a highly corrosive environment?

Ajax found an alternative to stainless steel that reduced materials costs by 50 percent with no sacrifice to quality. We even paid for the testing to prove it. Results to date: 10 MM parts produced with 0 PPM.


Appliance Part Progressive Stamping Specifications

  • Product Name: Water Treatment Mounting Clip
  • Product Description: Mass volume progressive appliance part stamping
  • Project Scope: Convert from 304 SST to grade 50 HRPO steel with anti-corrosion coating w/part design
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes: Prototyping; Progressive Stamping; Anti-corrosion Plating
  • Tightest Tolerance: .005 inch
  • Material Thickness: .12GA
  • Material Used: Grade 50 High Strength/Low Alloy Steel
  • Material Finish: Clear Zinc; RIE 4090 Base Coat; RIE 4010 Silver Top Coat
  • Industry for Use: Water Filtration and Conditioning Appliance
  • Volume: 800K annually
  • Lead Time: 3 days
  • Delivery Location: Midwest
  • U.S. Standards Met: 200 hrs. salt spray testing; RoHS; REACH

The video below shows a progressive stamping line with hardware insertion running on a 200-ton press.

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