Ajax Metal Forming Solutions has joined with the Precision Metalforming Association and more than 30 other associations in their effort to convince the Biden administration to terminate Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs. These tariffs are causing supply disruption and price increases that are extremely counterproductive to the U.S. manufacturing sector.

Since their inception, the tariffs have effectively handed a competitive advantage to overseas producers who can buy steel and aluminum at lower global market prices. The post-pandemic economic recovery has increased demand for manufactured products, but U.S. producers can’t deliver the goods without access to materials.

Not surprisingly, retaliatory tariffs against U.S. exports have been put in place by our global trade partners, crushing business opportunities for a wide range of U.S. exporters. Here’s a second letter sent to President Biden that summarizes our argument.

Our thanks go out to Paul Nathanson and the team at Bracewell LLP for their ongoing efforts to correct this very unfortunate situation.