Everyone in the company, from president to new hire, is required to participate in a minimum of 100 hours of job-related training each year. Full tuition and expenses are paid by the company at the time of enrollment. The line item for training is 5.5 percent of the Ajax total annual budget.

Ajax employees have completed training in a wide range of areas, from mathematics to diversity and from human relations to Six Sigma process improvement. Some employees choose to complete bachelors degrees, or even MBAs.

Testimonial – Dennis Spencer

dennis_spencer“I’ve been in metal stamping since I was 17 years old. I wanted my journeyworker card. After four years as a punch press operator, there was an opening in the tool room, and I asked for a shot at it. I’ve made stampings, and I was interested in seeing how a tool is built. I’ve learned a lot about how to make presses run.

I know what runs good and faster and better for the operator. I’m the only Class A journeyworker in Minnesota with cards in punch press, sheet metal fabrication and tool and die. Now I’m in plant maintenance. It’s a good fit, because there’s nothing in the shop I can’t do.

I’ve used my tuition benefit for classes in supervision, safety classes, CPR. I’ve taken a Dale Carnegie course, which helps you get along with people. I plan on becoming a Class A maintenance journeyworker. That will take me a few years.  I’m looking to settle into this for the rest of my career.”  — Dennis Spencer