Tooling For Advanced Manufacturing

Ajax designs and builds tooling solutions to produce virtually any formed part.

By providing complete in-house tooling services, Ajax gives our customers greater production efficiency, faster delivery, and the best possible quality control.

Ajax uses only the latest CAD/CAM technology for die design and tool building.  We provide solutions that range from fully progressive, high volume to low-cost, short run jobs.

We maintain tools on the spot to avoid production interruptions. And we require very thorough training and qualification programs among all our tooling experts.



In-house tooling can make all the difference when both tolerances and delivery timelines are tight.

Precision tooling solutions translate into formed parts that meet tight tolerances.

“Having tooling production right here on our plant floor means that we can keep our lines producing without long delays,” said Ajax Vice President Don Wellman. “We don’t have to send our tooling out to a third party and wait in line.  We can get it done here and now.”

If in-house tooling capabilities are important to your product team, please contact Ajax today and arrange a call or presentation.