A Special Servoforming Report From FF Journal.

EJ Ajax combines workforce talent with servoforming to join metalforming short list.

Gadgets like Project Morpheus, Sony’s virtual reality headset, and smart technology like the Apple wristwatch and Windows 10 are making headlines as some of 2015’s most anticipated product launches. Excitement is also building among employees at EJ Ajax and Sons Inc. in Minneapolis for technology that will revolutionize its forming operations.

But they didn’t have to camp out all night to wait in line for it. The metal stampings producer commissioned an Aida 220-ton gap-frame DSF Series Direct Drive Servoformer last August and installed it in November 2014.

“Thirty minutes into the training session, I walked out to see how our operators were doing,” says Don Wellman, vice president of sales for EJ Ajax. “I could see this machine was turning their clock. I talked with them afterwards—they were spitting out ideas about ways we could improve our current processes. I asked them to start writing those ideas down because I didn’t want to miss anything.”

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This time-lapse video shows the delivery and installation of a new AIDA servo press at EJ Ajax: