Ajax will take delivery of another new Salvagnini L3 laser in the fall of 2018.

“Ajax has employed laser cutting for more than a decade with great success,” said Ajax Vice President Don Wellman. “There’s just so many advantages over other metal cutting methods. We’re sold on the technology.”

How it Works

Laser cutting works by directing a high-powered, computer-driven light beam onto sheets of material. The thin cut lines vaporise, leaving very fine edges.
Here are just a few of the L3 advantages Don referred to:

Precision – Laser cutting rays are thin and super accurate. Complex parts are produced with almost no waste, keeping costs as low as possible.

Non-contact – Since the laser head doesn’t physically touch the material, there’s no handling marks.

Low Power Consumption – Lasers require about 10kW of power to operate while other methods require 50kW and up. Yet another way the L3 can help keep customer costs as low as possible.

Very Safe – Laser cutting has proven to be a far safer method than other metal cutting processes. The cutting beam is sealed in a tight enclosure with no chance of operator contact.

l3 cutting head2

Wide Range of Materials – Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and many other metals are no problem for the L3. It can create intricate shapes — even with tough materials — that would be impossible through traditional methods.

Speed – The L3 is fast, producing parts in a comparably short period of time, which, again, helps to keep customer costs as low as possible.

Finishing – The L3’s edge quality is amazing. Laser-cut parts can easily be deburred using the Ajax LOEWER deburring machine.

Smart – The L3’s computer can detect anomalies in the material, then remodulate parameters to resume cutting with no work stoppage.

For more information about laser cutting capabilities at Ajax, please contact our sales engineering team at 763-277-7760.  Remember to visit our blog this fall for a video of our new Salvagnini L3 in action!