When our customer saw our redesign, which cut their part cost nearly in half, they immediately said yes–and swore us to secrecy. That’s why you won’t see a photo or product description here.

Beginning with a 22 gauge component that the customer was post-painting, we value-engineered a new, one-piece design with a proprietary forming and fastening system that eliminated welds. The new design enabled gauge reduction to 24, a one-pound weight reduction per part. A pre-painted finish eliminated powder coating. The product, completed in a single work cell with fewer steps, added $200,000 a year to the customer’s bottom line.

Product DescriptionBlack Box Capabilities Applied/Processes; Engineer; design; prototype; custom equipment and tooling
Tightest Tolerance.005" (Hole Diameter)
Material Thickness.050"24 GA(.023")
Material UsedPre-painted G40 Galvanized
Material FinishN/A
Industry for UseCommercial Construction
Volume60000 annual
Lead TimeSame day
Delivery LocationMidwest
Standards MetLEED
Product NameBlack Box
Project ScopeReduced material gauge; eliminated welding; eliminated painting; developed work-flow center to reduce inventory and labor
Design WorkMaterial selection; custom equipment and tooling; manufacturing design