Supply Chain and Materials

Ajax views supply chain management as a core competency. Our objective is to outperform competitors in this key business function.

But it’s a challenge. There are many variables at play, some of which are difficult or impossible to control. Weather, trade disputes, global health issues, and other disruptions can constrict upstream and downstream pipelines for hours, days, or even weeks. Here are three ways Ajax works to excel in this area and become your trusted supply chain partner:

We’re Ready
We don’t wait for something to happen. We take steps ahead of time by developing lean, air-tight production plans for each customer. And we stay agile and super-responsive, because we know conditions can change quickly.

Our Workforce Is Tested
Like most business issues, it all comes down to people. Our logistics and procurement colleagues here at Ajax know the importance of supply chain management and have created and run practice scenarios to shorten our response time and prevent decision-making errors at critical moments.

We’ve Developed Local Sources
Local sourcing reduces supply chain risk factors. By choosing reliable providers that are right down the street, Ajax can maintain a solid logistical flow and keep the wheels turning until the disruption passes.

For more information about our supply chain and materials capabilities, please contact Ajax Sales Engineering.  Also, you can download our materials chart here.