A 45,000-pound AIDA gap frame servo press arrives at EJ Ajax and is lifted off the flatbed semi trailer using a high-capacity Versa Lift with extending counterweights. Icy conditions made for slow going, but EJ Ajax hired an experienced rigging crew that braved the conditions without incident.

On an icy November day in Minnesota, one day before Thanksgiving, EJ Ajax took delivery of an AIDA mode DSF-C1-2000 single point gap frame ServoPro® servo press. This is the second AIDA press that EJ Ajax has installed this month.

The Quickway rigging crew, contracted by EJ Ajax to provide expertise and special equipment, arrived at 7 a.m. and worked until about noon to get the 45,000-pound behemoth in position on a specially-installed concrete slab. In the coming days, a technical crew from AIDA will visit EJ Ajax to connect power, calibrate the press, run tests, and train operators.

Once this press is in full operation, EJ Ajax will be able to deliver some amazing new metalforming capabilities, featured here.

Below are a few photos from the rigging process.  More photos and video will be added once the press is in full operation. Click any image to enlarge.

For detailed information about the new servo press capabilities at EJ Ajax and how servo technologies can help your company, please contact Don Wellman.


Solid state, amplified multiprocessing servo-controllers and energy management systems pass instructions to AIDA’s specially-designed electric motors that produce very high torque at low rpm, giving the operator extreme control over stroke, dwell, die temperature, and many other facets of press operation.


Due to the height of the servo press, the rigging crew had to move the press into position on its side, then use a boom lift to stand the press upright.


Now that the press is in position, an AIDA technical crew will arrive to connect power, calibrate the press, run tests, and train operators.