Redesigning from turret press to progressive metal stamping resulted in a $50,000 annual saving on the part–and a new relationship with a satisfied client. Progressive metal stamping made from engineered aluminum alloy of slit coil eliminated the skeleton that the turret press left behind.

The progressive stamping reduced both scrap costs and extra labor, and produces the part 2 to 3 times faster than the turret press.

Product DescriptionMass volume progressive HVAC stamping
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesConvert turret press to fully progressive coil-fed stamping. Cost-out scrap and labor expense.
Tightest Tolerance.002" (Hole location)
Material Thickness.050"
Material Used3003 aluminum with 1.5% zinc
Material FinishN/A
Industry for UseResidential HVAC
Volume30K annualy
Delivery Locationsouthern U.S.
Standards Met200 hrs. salt spray testing ; RoHS; REACHRoHSREACH
Product NameA/C Header Plate
Project ScopeProcess redesignmaterial and labor cost-out
Design WorkProgressive toolingmanufacturing process