Advanced Project Quality Planning (APQP) enables EJ Ajax to build lasting quality into every new part we produce. It also provides our customers with a pre-production review of process flows and inspection points to provide assurance of a quality outcome. Our processes are consistent with ISO 9002 requirements.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
Before any new part goes into production at EJ Ajax, our quality team creates a PPAP Package that is available for customer review.

The PPAP includes:

  • Parts drawing
  • First Article Inspection of dimensional results of a 3 to 5 piece sample.
  • Repeatable/Reproducible Statistical Measurement by 3 different operators inspecting 5 parts 3 times to assure the accuracy of the quality inspection tools.
  • Bias Study of 10 to 30 parts by one operator for dimensional consistency.
  • Process Flow Diagram of all steps in the stamping or fabrication process, including material inputs and inspections.
  • Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA) evaluating possible causes and effects of failure during production.
  • Control Plan, with recommended steps for preventing and detecting items discovered in the PFMEA.
  • Material certification obtained from every vendor on all raw material.
  • The PPAP becomes the quality control documentation for on-going production of the part.

uniPoint Quality Management Software
All production at EJ Ajax is tracked through uniPoint, which ties ERP information to the shop floor, with information accessible by computer in every manufacturing bay.

  • Document management assures that all changes and updates to prints, orders or PPAP documentation are instantly available to everyone involved in the job, from purchasing and receiving through operations, shipping and billing.
  • Corrective and Preventive Action reporting tracks and measures the effectiveness of continuous improvement efforts.
  • Inspection Specifications include both inspection criteria and a database of inspection results to assure consistent documentation and analysis.
  • Education and Training records assure that qualified employees are available for every job.
  • Health and Safety records support our our most important asset–our skilled and productive workforce.

NIMS Level III Parts Inspection and Quality Control Certification
The credentialing process established by the National Institute of Metalforming Skills (NIMS) requires completion of a Credentialing Achievement Record, a log book of tasks that employees perform to the satisfaction of a supervisor or trainer. When all required tasks in the CAR have been completed, the employee is eligible to complete the written credentialing exam. All eligible EJ Ajax employees have completed the CARS and exams and have received Parts Inspection and Quality Control certification.