Pressure Vessel Head

pressure-vessel-headOur customer created the body of a pressure vessel using drawn-over mandril tubing that was seam-welded and cut to length. They came to us for end caps to be made of 11-gauge steel with special carbon content.

The challenge: The parts required perfect concentricity to allow robotic welding in place. EJ Ajax developed the prototypes and production tooling to create dimensionally correct parts.

Product DescriptionPressure vessel head
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesDevelop blank deep draw metal stamping  extrusion
Tightest Tolerance.005 inch +/-
Material Thickness.009 inch (11 gauge)
Material UsedA1011 (C .06% to .13%; Mn .3% to .6%)
Material FinishLightly oiled
Industry for UsePressure vessel head
Delivery TimeKanban
Delivery LocationCaribbean
Standards MetCustomer supplied print and 3D model
Product NamePressure vessel head
Project ScopeMaterial sourcing; prototypes and prototype tooling; manufacturing design
Design WorkPrototype tooling and production tooling