Pressure Vessel Head

pressure-vessel-headOur customer created the body of a pressure vessel using drawn-over mandril tubing that was seam-welded and cut to length. They came to us for end caps to be made of 11-gauge steel with special carbon content.

The challenge: The parts required perfect concentricity to allow robotic welding in place. EJ Ajax developed the prototypes and production tooling to create dimensionally correct parts.

Product Description Pressure vessel head
Capabilities Applied/Processes Develop blank deep draw metal stamping  extrusion
Tightest Tolerance .005 inch +/-
Material Thickness .009 inch (11 gauge)
Material Used A1011 (C .06% to .13%; Mn .3% to .6%)
Material Finish Lightly oiled
Industry for Use Pressure vessel head
Volume 20K/annualy
Delivery Time Kanban
Delivery Location Caribbean
Standards Met Customer supplied print and 3D model
Product Name Pressure vessel head
Project Scope Material sourcing; prototypes and prototype tooling; manufacturing design
Design Work Prototype tooling and production tooling