Progressive Stamping

Capitalizing on in-house fabrication of dies, we provide progressive metal stamping services for the cost-effective production of complex components in multiple stages. Based on the complexity of the part, our tooling department has the capability to design and manufacture progressive dies in time frames as short as one day. We specialize in Modular Speedy Tooling – a form of ‘hard’ tooling, which allows us to stamp metal components in quantities larger than most conventional short production run stamping projects.

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including multi-station presses with tonnages ranging from 30 tons to 200 tons, suitable for progressive stamping.

Deep Draw Stamping

Our capabilities include stamping services for the production of complex deep drawn components made from various metals, such as steel, aluminum, and copper. With expertise in the stamping field, we consistently take on projects that most other stamping companies would not consider. We have earned a reputation for producing deep drawn components with tight tolerances in industries such as electronics and aerospace. Each new project gets a unique approach, which includes constant collaboration with clients right from the early stages of engineering and design.

Sheet Metal Forming

We are one of North America’s premium suppliers of precision sheet metal casings to the HVAC and heat exchanger industry for the past 50 years. Fabricating critical sheet metal parts, as header and end plates with precision extrusions.

Press Brake Forming

Our multi-axis CNC press brakes allow us to provide complex compound angle forms.

Turret Press Punching

We manufacture parts with tight tolerances to required dimensions, eliminating secondary operations, which translates into cost and time savings for our customers.