“You made that at your work, didn’t you, Dad?”

EJ Ajax Vice-President Don Wellman enjoys hearing that question from his kids when “Reagan’s Moon,” a commercial for the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital, airs on television.  Although EJ Ajax components are in lots of products you encounter every day—from home freezers and pressure cookers to elevator panels—few offer the high visibility that comes with being televised on a Gophers game or screened in a motion picture theater before a feature film.

reagans-moonThe concept was developed by a New York agency that had a water-jet cutting operation lined up. When that fell through, the agency turned to MNFX, a Twin Cities company that creates props, models and exhibits for advertising agencies and corporate clients.

“ We were brought in at the last minute, to save the day,” said Mike Falcone of MNFX. He turned to EJ Ajax because he had seen their fiber optic laser cutter during a tour of the factory when he came in to pick up parts from a previous job. “We first contacted EJ Ajax maybe a week and a half from the shoot. There was some back and forth, talking with Don, getting pricing , making sure he could do it in the time frame. By the time we got the art files, it was Friday, and we had to deliver the following Thursday and Friday.”

Although the pace was hectic, he said, “Between us and Ajax it went smoothly. They were real accommodating about fitting the stuff into our timeline. They were good about the agency making last-minute changes and adding files.”