Metalforming Innovations

At Ajax, we are proud that we have customer relationships that have lasted for 30, 40 and even 50 years. We’re even prouder that, year after year, we find ways to improve the quality and drive down the cost of the parts we produce for those customers.

We look for opportunities to innovate in every phase of the life cycle, from materials selection to production to supply chain solutions that manage customer inventory within a service level to reduce lead time and inventory costs.

For example, Ajax installed one of the first fiber optic laser cutting machines in the country. It enables us to provide faster, higher-quality fabrications with a wider range of materials.  Other significant investments include multiple servo presses, multiple 5-axis press brakes, a very advanced LVD turret press, a FAROArm measuring device, and other technology investments.

Most important, Ajax innovation is backed by a highly skilled and well-trained team. Our machine operators’ skills are tested and proven through the National Institute of Metalforming Skills (NIMS) credentialing program. Every employee is required to take 100 hours of job-related continuing education every year.

For additional examples of the ongoing innovation we’ve provided to other customers, visit our blog at If you are looking for an innovative approach to your own progressive metal-stamping or fabrication challenges, please visit our Quote page. That’s usually all it takes to put our team to work for you.