Heat Exchanger Header Plates

Heat exchanger header plates, also called tube sheets, are a specialty at Ajax. We’ve been forming tube sheets for more than two decades.

Heat exchangers are Ia growing HVACR solution. Copper or aluminum hairpin tubes running through a heat exchanger is a very efficient, thus popular, solution for many non-residential HVACR applications. In-house tooling at Ajax, coupled with the company’s advanced manufacturing machinery and well-trained workforce, provides our HVAC customers with a distinct value advantage.

Heat exchanger header plate extrusion

This is a cutaway of a typical Ajax pierced and drawn extrusion from a heat exchanger header plate. Note the much flatter, straighter walls and tall collar height on the ajax extrusion.

Heat exchanger header plates can play a huge role in the quality and performance of a heat exchanger.

Ajax extrusions create more surface area in contact with the hairpin tube, providing a better hydraulic or mechanical expansion process. This process benefits HVAC manufacturers who are looking to add years of life to their products.

Other Ajax advantages include:

  • The latest servo press technology from industry leader AIDA.
  • A fully-programmable, 30-ton LVD Strippit V-Series turret punch press that is ideal for HVAC applications.
  • State-of-the-art material selection and inventory system.
  • Increased capacity following multiple plant size and location expansions.
  • Building on the company’s investments in workforce development.


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