Heat Exchanger Header Plates

Heat exchangers are a growing HVACR solution for many commercial applications. Heat exchangers are efficient, cost-effective, and versatile.  They can fit into smaller spaces, they’re environmentally friendly, they use less energy, and maintenance costs are low.

Ajax engineers have a deep understanding of how to produce heat exchanger components that improve our customers’ manufacturing processes and quality outcomes.  Heat exchanger header plates (also called tube sheets), have become a specialty here at Ajax.  We’ve been forming tube sheets for more than two decades now, and we’re really good at it.  Here’s what makes our tube sheets so special:

Tooling – With an in-house tooling department staffed with experts, Ajax can create tooling solutions to fit virtually any specification.  Our tooling solutions reduce the number of required hits and therefore keep production costs as low as possible.

LVD Strippit Tube Sheet Tool and Die

Ajax tooling expertise reduces hits, produces a much better outcome, and speeds production.

Extrusion Design – Extrusions are one of the keys to making a great tube sheet and a longer-lasting heat exchanger.  Ajax extrusions provide more surface contact with the copper or aluminum hairpin tubing that passes through the sheet. With more surface area in contact with the tube, the hydraulic or mechanical expansion process is far less likely to fail, adding years of life to the installed heat exchanger.  This design advantage also helps prevent production line issues that arise when tubes do not fit the extrusions properly.

Tube sheet extrusion close-up

The perfect extrusion profile.

Other Ajax advantages include:

  • Fully programmable, 30-ton LVD Strippit V-Series turret punch presses that are ideal for HVAC applications.
  • State-of-the-art material selection and inventory system.
  • Increased capacity following multiple plant capacity and location expansions.
  • Our focus on tube sheets enables us to develop our workforce with punch press operation in mind.  Our press operators are simply better at their jobs because of this focus.


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