The 2014 Expansion is Underway

EJ Ajax has taken another step forward on the company’s 2014 expansion plan by adding a new bay to be used for human resources offices, our new online training area, plus a few well-earned amenities for our colleagues.


This new space also provides an area for team meetings on safety, quality, and productivity issues. It’s secluded from the hustle & bustle of the main production floor so company colleagues can better concentrate on matters at hand.

Leaning Out The Workflow

The new space also adds much-needed manufacturing capacity.  EJ Ajax will be able to make important adjustments to the entire production layout with an immediate focus on leaning our the workflow.  In today’s manufacturing environment, leaner means better, faster, and more efficient.  That’s what EJ Ajax customers expect, and the company intends to deliver.

Check back soon for further updates on EJ Ajax’s 2014 expansion.