Green Manufacturing

The Ajax Green Spirit initiative is working, for our company, our customers and our planet. Our metrics show we used almost 500,000 gallons less water in 2011 than in 2009. Overall, we reduced WAGEL (water, gas and electric) as a percent of sales by 15.6% between 2009 and 2011. That helped us hold the line on energy costs to an increase of just 7 cents per man-hour worked.

In addition to our commitment to lowering our WAGEL consumption, the company`s environmental standards mandate material recycling, water conservation and air quality preservation. In addition to tool production guidelines, Ajax also features a number of unique, environmentally friendly tool designs that save raw materials.

Ajax is a member of Minnesota Waste Wise and has an active recycling program for plastics, cardboard, paper and aluminum beverage cans. The company recycles all waste products, including many tons of scrap metal each week, along with oils and all leftover raw materials, reducing the cost and environmental impact of the metal forming process. Other recycling includes used light bulbs, office paper, batteries and used computers. All shop rags and leather gloves are washed and re-used.

The factory features state-of-the-art clean air systems that prevent toxic emissions from getting into the environment. Ajax also recently began eco-friendly conservation practices to lower the company`s energy consumption in the plant with high efficiency lighting, set back thermostats, and motion sensor light switches.

We pride ourselves in being advocates for the environment through our green manufacturing initiatives, eco-friendly tool designs and supply chain management. We understand that these stringent standards are intended to protect the health of our environment, employees and those in the communities around our plant.

Ajax Environmental Policy

  • Ajax is committed to the protection of the environment. The elements of the Ajax environmental management systems policy are:
  • Protecting the environment of all Ajax employees, customers and neighbors
  • Conducting all manufacturing operations in a manner that protects the environment
  • Complying with all applicable governmental regulations and requirements
  • Continual improvements of all Ajax manufacturing operation’s environmental management systems
  • The prevention of pollution