Q: Why should EJ Ajax customers care about our safety record?

A: Manufacturing carries an inherent measure of workforce injury risk.  Naturally, EJ Ajax wants to minimize the potential for hardship of any kind among our employee colleagues and their families.  Beyond that personal interest, there solid business reasons to highlight safety:

  • Our good safety record has kept our insurance premiums among the lowest in the industry, which enables us to remain very cost-competitive.
  • OSHA inspection preparedness is a vital means of avoiding compliance issues.  EJ Ajax averages one visit per month from large companies who seek to learn why our OSHA compliance process has been so successful.
  • Precision metalforming is in a growth mode, and qualified metalforming professionals are scarce.  A safety incident could potentially impact workflow.

EJ Ajax is one of only 36 Minnesota companies that are approved by the Minnesota Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (MNSHARP).   Benefits include no-cost safety consultations, public recognition for employees, and exemption from OSHA scheduled compliance inspections.

By staying proactive, EJ Ajax hopes to maintain our solid safety record and pass the benefits along to our customers.