This customer came to Ajax with a die-cast hinge, made in Europe, which had a retained hinge pin. We figured out how to produce the feature as a progressive metal-stamping. We created a prototype with no hard tooling expense, then produced working samples that performed flawlessly in the product.From there, we built progressive tools for high-volume production at a fraction of the cost of a die-cast hinge. That was the start of a 25-year relationship that’s still going strong.

Over the years, we added a countersunk screw hole to automatically locate the position of the hinge, and we’ve switched to zinc and clear to meet European ROHS requirements. We now produce more than 100,000 of the custom hinges every year for a whole family of the customer’s products.

Product DescriptionCustom Barrel Hinge with Retained Pin
Applied ProcessesEngineering; design; material selection; tooling; prototyping
Tightest Tolerance.003
Material Thickness.089"
Material UsedCold Rolled Steel
Material FinishZinc and clear
Industry for UseConsumer Appliance
Volume100000+ annual
Lead TimeKanban
Delivery LocationInternational
Standards MetROHS
Product NameCustom Barrel Hinge
Project ScopeDeveloped progressive stamping solution to replace a die-cast hinge with retained pin feature.
Design WorkRapid prototyping; working samples; custom tooling; material and finishing re-design; manufacturing design