Applying Lean Principles to a new customer’s precision stamping challenge, Ajax reduced production time from a month to a single day. Orders placed by 11:00 a.m. are manufactured, packaged and shipped by 5:00 p.m.While quantity of production for the progressive die stamping has grown to meet the customer’s increasing market share, quality has remained at 99.9%. Radius Track “Ajax doesn’t start to produce the product until they get the order. All non-value-added lead time and inventory have been completely eliminated,” said the president of Radius Track. “It has helped us to manage business issues like capacity, storage, and human resources. Our cash flow is not tied up storing finished goods. That’s a huge business advantage.”
Product DescriptionPrecision Progressive Die Architectural Component
Capabilities and ProcessesTooling Design; Prototyping; Progressive Stamping; Custom Packaging
Tightest Tolerance.005 inch Hole Diameter
Material Thickness20 GA (.036 inch)
Material UsedG60 Galvanized
Material FinishUnfinished
Industry for UseArchitectural Construction
Volume30K annualy
Lead TimeSame Day
Delivery LocationUSA (multiple destinations)
Standards MetLEED
Product NameCurved Large Component Architectural Framing
Project ScopeRedesign Process Flow to Reduce Production Time; Labor and Inventory