This corner gusset had multiple opposing offsets, and it had to meet tight tolerances to be square enough to support robotic welding. Ajax produced this complex, multifaceted progressive stamping to tolerances +/- .5°.

One engineer said it couldn’t be done. We did it.

Product DescriptionCorner gusset for robotic weld
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesProgressive stamping with in-tool resizing
Tightest Tolerance+/- .5° angles. .003 inch material thickness
Material Thickness.060 gauge
Material UsedDraw Quality Aluminum Killed
Material FinishLightly oiled
Industry for UseEquipment Protection
Volume250K annually
Delivery TimeKanban
Delivery LocationWestern Europe and North America
Standards MetNEMA 250
Product NameCorner gusset
Project ScopeMaterial selection;prototyping; tool design; resizing within prog tool to tolerance
Design WorkDesigned for progressive stamping. Provided prototypes for manufacturer test build. Designed production tool.