Machinist Sean Rasmussen Helps Kickstart Diaper Drive For Minnesota Families

Add this to your vernacular: “Diaper Desert”.

As in, “there are no diapers on store shelves in my neighborhood”.

The one-two punch of COVID19-related shortages and riot-torn streets have left several neighborhoods in the Twin Cities without stores that carry baby care products. This presents an enormous challenge to parents and caregivers who now must travel outside their own neighborhoods to find diapers, wipes, formula, and other baby care necessities.

In response, Ajax Metal Forming Solutions colleague Sean Rasmussen and his friend Justin Michael, both of St. Cloud, Minnesota, have kickstarted Operation Diaper Drop with a goal of recruiting friends and co-workers to shop for diapers in suburban stores and then bring them to their workplace or other drop-off locations.  The Operation then collects the products and sends shipments to distribution centers all over Minneapolis and St Paul that serve families in devastated neighborhoods.

“I encourage everyone to find a way to help families in need,” Sean said. “There’s a lot of healing that needs to happen here in the Twin Cities, and serving others through Operation Diaper Drop is a great way to get started.”

Ajax provided 900 Huggies diapers to Operation Diaper Drop. “Ajax wants to be part of the solution,” said Ajax president Kent Djubek. “We’re very proud of Sean’s initiative and gladly support his effort.”